Networking at Galway Business Club


Galway Business Club offers members an effective way to expand business connections. Business networking and referrals are the Galway Business Club’s primary purpose. We focus on business networking with weekly morning meetings, which can fit into your busy schedule.

The Galway Business Club is a non-profit organisation, a minimal fee is charged simply to cover limited group costs.

Business networking with a handshakeOur members are typically small-business owners or representatives of small businesses.

We limit membership to one representative from each profession or business so that our members are not subject to competition within their field.

The meetings provides an informal, supportive, business environment in which local business people can get together to network, learn valuable new business skills, expand on presentation skills and develop strong personal relationships that lead to trust and the generation of significant business for each other.


Galway Business Club is a member-run, business-building social network for local companies.

The Galway Business Club offers a new way of networking. For example, we emphasise collaboration over competition. Instead of forced and ineffective referrals, our members can refer businesses in a much more relaxed and relevant way that suits your interests.

Networking that works for you!

    • Don’t break the bank. We do ask all members to help pay for incidentals such as website charges, courses and other expenses . A yearly fee of €150 is charged to cover expenses.


    • Breakfast Meetings are held Tuesday mornings in a structured yet relaxed and casual atmosphere.


    • One business of each type. This is a standard practice in most networking groups. Accepting only one business of each type into the group reduces competition and allows more visibility and potential clients for all members.


    • Networking / Educational Events are held periodically. Topics covered will include marketing your business, increasing your sales, business coaching, health & safety and any area that may assist you in the day to day running of your business.


    • Utilise the internet. Each member gets listed on the Galway Business Club website with a link to their own website.


Business cards exchangedFocus on getting to know members and quality referrals.

Many networking groups concentrate on the number of referrals they pass along. This means nothing if these referrals are not ‘quality’ referrals.

At the Galway Business Club we focus on getting to know each other and feeling comfortable referring each other.

This leads to quality referrals for all members.




If you are a small business owner or if you represent a small business and would like to join the Galway Business Club, please email us at