We welcome New Members to our club

New members at Galway Business Club - W400xH300Similar to any club or group, we realise that we are only as strong as our members. Therefore, we encourage and welcome new members to the club wherever possible.

We believe that we offer something different to members.  In addition to encouraging members to do business together and to share referrals, we also offer an environment of support and knowledge sharing.

Being a small business owner can be an isolating existence.

Many of our members are sole traders and as such operate alone. They benefit greatly from the camaraderie of meeting fellow small business owners and sharing experiences and offering advice on how to manage a business scenario or business issue.


Being a member of Galway Business Club means having access to


      • Supportive group – if you are struggling with a business issue or challenge you can share your challenge with members. Many members have been in business a long time and may have experienced similar issues and can share their wisdom with you.


      • Referrals – there is a cross section of sectors represented who have a number of contacts throughout their field in various companies large and small – they may know be able to offer an introduction to you to that important contact.


      • Learning group – we hold training classes in coaching, social media and whatever area that the group votes for in a meeting.


      • Guest speakers – periodically we have guest speakers come in and talk about their business.


      • Opportunity to present your business to the group or showcase a new product or service thus practising your presentation skills.


      • Online visibility via our website which currently ranks Number 1 in “business clubs in Galway”


If you are a small business owner or if you represent a small business and would like to join the Galway Business Club, please email us at galwaybusinessclub@gmail.com