Marketing Consultant – Pauline Ridge

PMR Web Marketing on white background 200x200My name is Pauline Ridge and I am a Marketing Consultant.


I provide marketing support to small and medium sized businesses that do not have any marketing support but need help with their marketing.

My goal is to to help you increase your online presence through a new website, social media or email marketing.



Need a new website brochure or eCommerce site , then you will need to have someone who

  • Can design a website with your customer in mind – Marketing expertise
  • Ensure the website works from a functional point of view and is Search Engine Optimised  – Technical Skills
  • Develop your website with your overall business plan – Business knowledge and acumen

Without the above, your website will not achieve all its goals so it is important to ensure it is correct from the beginning. I can help you at every stage of the process including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Security, Analytics, Backups.  I also provide ongoing support services should you require this service.

In addition to web design,  I can develop and manage your social media channels and advise you on the channels you should be focus on for the benefit of your business.

Other services include email marketing, analytics and training.

My background is in brand marketing and I have worked for global  organisations such as Nestle and Heineken as well as small businesses.

Pauline Ridge

PMR Web Marketing 

Tel: (085) 168 0254 



PMR Web Marketing on white background 200x200