Testimonials from members

Below are testimonials from our members on how being a member of Galway Business Club has help them and their business.


Desmond-Fitzgerald & Co -Solicitors logo- 200x200“When I joined the Galway Business Club I was new to Galway, new to self-employment and was keen to meet people who were in business on their own account who I could learn from and share business experiences with.

I found Galway Business Club through the Galway Chamber’s Business After Hours networking events. 

I have met a professional network of business people who are committed to excellence in business and support of fellow members of the Club. 

Weekly meetings serve to hone a person’s performance in introducing oneself in a business context and making it easier to make connections. 

Galway Business Club has proved an important resource for me in my business as a solicitor and I enjoy the relative informality of the meeting structure.”

Meriel FitzSimon – Solicitor – Desmond Fitzgerald & Co Solicitors

PMR Web Marketing logo on white background 200x200“Joining Galway Business Club has benefitted my business PMR Web Marketing in a number of ways.

 When I started my business,  I did not know many other small business owners and it was very helpful to be part of a group of fellow SMEs who understand the challenges of running your own business.

I enjoy our meetings as the atmosphere is one of support and sharing of information and knowledge.

Being part of the group has allowed me to promote my business, attend training classes and I have been fortunate to gain clients through the club.

Running a  small business  and being a sole trader can be an isolating experience and I believe it is important to mix with other small business owners.  I find it very satisfying and rewarding to meet regularly and discuss business ideas with fellow members and would most definitely recommend the club to any small business owner.

I credit much of my success to being part of the Galway Business Club and would encourage any small business owner to join the club for support,  knowledge and the opportunity to grow your network and business.”

Pauline Ridge – Marketing Adviser and Web Developer –  PMR Web Marketing 


Oliver Niland Chartered Accountant logo- 250x250“My primary reason I joined Galway Business Network club was to generate referrals

However, in my nearly five years as part of the network club, I have not only generated referrals for my accountancy business but also 

 –   enjoyed the support of group of similar minded business people and sole traders

 –  learned something new at every meeting that can helps my business

 –  great network contacts

 –  generate solutions and ideas to every-day business issues by talking it out as a group


Without hesitation, I highly recommend joining the Galway Business club to any small business owner or sole trader.”

Oliver Niland – Chartered Accountant 




Ace of Spades Films logo 200x200“Galway Business Club is so much more than a meeting. It is an environment where like-minded people work together as a team to make each and every member grow. 


The friendships, mentoring, accountability have all been there at GBC ( Galway Business Club).”  



Michael J. Duke – Ace of Spades Films 


Linda Ford - Personal Development Coach - Sallisford Coaching logo W250xH91” I joined Galway Business Club to meet like minded business people and was not disappointed. It is a comparatively small group which punches above its weight.

I am proud to be a member and have gained far more business than I have paid for my subscription.

One of the best business decisions I have made!”

Linda Ford – Sallisford Coaching



Cregal Art logo on W250xH200“Galway Business Club is a great way to meet like-minded business colleagues.

The club is the perfect venue to share experience and knowledge.   It is very important in business today,  to be part of a good group or club that you can bounce ideas off and generate solutions with a variety of professions. 

Being part of the Club has been a great experience.  I would highly recommend joining the club to anyone,  who is an owner/manager  of a micro business as you will gain far more than the subscription will cost.

The timing of the meetings are great, as it does not interfere with your daily work and it gets the brain started early in the morning!

We have gained a number of new customers as a result of Club networking.”

Mary Creavin-Ludden – Cregal Arts 


One Stop Printing Gort - Logo - 200x200“I have been a member of the Galway Business Club for about 18 months. During that time I have found the Club to be an invaluable source to me on many levels.

Firstly, it has opened up a new stream of contacts within the room of the meeting. These are entrepreneurial business people such as me facing the same day to day challenges and opportunities.

I have received business directly from many of them and many contacts and referrals from them.

I have also gained a lot of practical information and knowledge from members. This could be financial, legal, IT and marketing. I have also made friendships with people that I would have not otherwise known, which is an added bonus.

The meeting is part of my weekly routine and I always look forward to it and would highly recommend it to any business owner in Galway whose business sector is not already represented within the group as the exclusivity of the members business activity is also a significant advantage.” 

Colm Rogers – One Stop Printing


Advanced Health Ireland logo with text W250xH163“I have been in the Galway Business Club since it was created and I have found it to be of great benefit in many ways.

Meeting with a group of like minded people who are happy to help you in any way they can is so beneficial to us in our own business. GBC is a great place to sound out ideas that I may have and get useful feedback on them.

Our club members will always try their best to support and promote each other which is fantastic. I have gained business, knowledge, and camaraderie from our club that has been invaluable. I have used many of our member’s services in the past with excellent results, and no doubt will be using them again in the future.


I would not hesitate to recommend the GCB to anyone!”

Barry O’ Brien – Advanced Health Ireland



hydroS_logo - Engineering Hydrology Consultants W143xH200“I was introduced to Galway Business Club by Pauline Ridge of PMR Web Marketing.

I am a member of the club for more than one and half years and have benefitted a lot from being a member.  For me, the most important benefits of membership are:

  • The support I get from members at the meetings and outside our usual Tuesday meetings.
  • Learning from ideas passed around at the weekly meetings.
  • Talks from guest speakers.
  • A little bit of a laugh during lighter moments at the meetings and social events.

 I have been with other networks and I found this is the network I would like to associate for many years to come. If you are working on your own, this is the group to join because you will definitely get many benefits from a bunch of very nice people.”

Savithri Senarathne – HydroS – Engineering Hydrology Consultants 



Faith Fahy Financial Consultant logo - 200x200“I have been a member of Galway Business Club for over 4 years.  I find the weekly interaction with like minded business  people very beneficial.

Each member gets the opportunity to present their business, and the club provides the Screen projector and equipment to facilitate this.   

The members provide support and feed back to each other, along with valuable nuggets of business information.

It is financially rewarding and a platform to market and promote your business which  I highly recommend.”


Faith Fahy – Financial Consultants



Ramberg Painters 200x200“Ten years ago I took over the running of a small family business.  We are Painting & Decorating Contractors working within the Construction Industry mainly on a Commercial & Industrial level. 

Four years ago I was invited to come along to a meeting at Galway Business Club.  Nervously I went along and as I had never attended a Networking Event before I didn’t know what to expect.

Galway Business Club is a convivial and professional forum for meeting new and like-minded people who share the challenges that every SME faces daily.  We share new Ideas and ideas which may benefit another’s business even though none of our businesses are related.

I have gained a wealth of support and professional comradeship within Galway Business Club.  I have gained referrals.  I have gained new business and one particular contract which I began as a small job has turned to be a regular maintenance painting project.

The many workshops and training sessions at Galway Business Club have helped me to gain a new confidence, focus and ambition in my business.”

Ingrid Ramberg – Ramberg Painters and Decorators